The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education, Regional Training Center in Vietnam (SEAMEO RETRAC), in collaboration with BCCIE is delighted to announce the International Conference 2023 focusing on A New Paradigm of Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Global and Local Perspectives and Practices,” July 13-14, 2023, at SEAMEO RETRAC’s premises – 35 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Under the huge disruptions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, institutions across the world have been forced to undergo revolutions to adapt to sudden changes. These revolutions continuously undertaken in the recovering period have highlighted the significance of innovating solutions utilizing the institutional resources and beyond, strengthening reliable digital infrastructures, expanding global partnership, assuring quality, developing human resources and enhancing teaching and learning activities to meet the increasing demanding needs.

This Conference is conducted with the aim at creating a global platform for leaders, professionals, experts, researchers and educational practitioners to update and exchange perspectives and information, explore innovative ideas and share best practices related to leadership and management, teaching and learning in transnational higher education.


  • To create an educational platform for educational professionals and practitioners in sharing information, updating knowledge, exchanging up-to-date research-based results and embedding innovations in leadership and management in higher education;
  • To explore top-issues related to challenges affecting leadership and management practices as well as identify solutions for coping with these issues; and,
  • To promote and facilitate global networks and linkages among policy makers, educators, leaders and researchers as well as professionals in the field of international and higher education for future development.


  • Innovative leadership and management in higher education;
  • Quality assurance and accreditation practices and its impacts on higher education institutional development;
  • Innovation in teaching, research and professional development;
  • Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) applications in teaching and learning; and,
  • Global partnership and multidisciplinary collaboration.

SEAMEO RETRAC is interested in inviting prospective researchers, educators, practitioners, professionals, and participants with a professional interest in leadership and management in higher education to attend the Conference. The Conference is also encouraging and inviting the contribution of research papers and findings that analyze and study the aforementioned fields to the Conference. 


News: VACC Office (Source: SEAMEO RETRAC)